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Soft washing is the safe alternative to pressure washing because it doesn’t damage surfaces with high pressure. We use water-based, biodegradable chemicals that emulsify dirt and grime while sanitizing the surface they’re bonded to. This treatment lasts four to six times longer than pressure washing and uses one-third of the water.

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Roof cleaning

  • The cracks and crevices in your roof can collect moisture and dirt, which can lead to algae and mold growth. Over time, this unsightly buildup can reduce the lifespan of your roof and increase your energy expenses.

We offer the following soft washing services:

Window Cleaning
Gutter Cleaning

“From the very first interaction over the phone with Marla to the on-site contact with Aaron and Kyle, ClearView Window Cleaning and SoftWash was professional and executed the job perfectly. They showed up at the time they had cited and kept us informed of the progress of the job while working. They are so concerned about quality that even a manager showed up to check on the work. Great company; will definitely use again.”

- Joel Hogan, Google Review

Roof Cleaning

Don’t put your home’s surfaces at risk with continual pressure washing. Call us now to set up your soft washing appointment!

ClearView Window Cleaning and SoftWash

Are You Looking for a Safer Alternative to Pressure Washing?

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And many, many more!

Window cleaning

  • You can remain safely on the ground while our trained technicians safely and efficiently wash away all of the buildup and dirt from your windows. 

Gutter cleaning

  • We’ll clear out and haul away any debris from your gutters. 
  • We will make sure all downspouts are properly draining away from the foundation of your home. 
  • Plus, if you have any water damage on your siding or roof, we offer soft washing services to gently clean off any unsightly stains without harming the finish of your home. 

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Get 50% off exterior window cleaning with the purchase of any soft wash service!

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