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Residential and Commercial Exterior Cleaning Services

Your home and facility’s exterior requires routine maintenance the same way that your HVAC and plumbing do. Regular maintenance can prolong the life of your siding, roof, deck, patio, fencing, and more. ClearView exterior cleaning services provide added protection for the outside of your home!

Why you should clean your exterior regularly

Dirt, mold, algae, and pollen build up on your exterior surfaces and may begin filling the cracks and corners. In addition to being unsightly, these can cause costly damage to your structure and present health challenges for you and your family. 

Exterior Cleaning Services We Offer

Soft Wash

Eco-friendly cleaning that protects your surfaces and the environment.

Soft washing utilizes low-pressure spray in addition to eco-friendly cleaning compounds to safely clean your exterior surfaces. Soft wash is perfect for any surface, but especially easily damageable surfaces that may not withstand pressure washing.

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Pressure Wash

Reduce the build-up of grime, algae, dirt, and mold that can make your surfaces look worn.


Deck & Fence Cleaning

Regular cleaning of your wooden deck and fencing will help preserve your investment longer. Get your deck and fence ready for the summer grilling season. Proper cleaning is an important step prior to application of stain or paint.

Roof Cleaning

Yes, you should clean your roof! The cracks and crevices in your roof can collect moisture and dirt which lead to a build-up of algae and mold. This build up can reduce the structural integrity of your shingles and reduce the life of your roof. Regular cleaning can extend the life of your roof up to seven years!

Gutter Cleaning

Leave the ladder in the shed, ClearView will clean your gutters for you!

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A clean environment is a healthy environment. Sanitizing exterior surfaces removes the microbes, mildew, and mold that can be left behind by other cleaning methods.

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