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We can help your fence look its best.

When caring for the outside of your Lawrence, Kansas home, you probably focus on things like the roof and siding. However, caring for your fence can also improve the look of your home. At ClearView Window Cleaning and SoftWash, we offer a unique fence washing technique called soft washing to ensure your fence lives up to its potential. Continue reading to learn more.

Fence Washing in Lawrence, Kansas

Soft washing is a gentle way to clean that uses a low-pressure water spray and cleaning products to get rid of dirt, grime, algae, moss, and mildew from different surfaces. It’s especially good for surfaces like fences that are easily damaged by high pressure.

One of the most obvious benefits of fence washing is that it helps your fence look better. Over time, dirt, algae, and other contaminants can build up on fences, giving them a dull and unattractive look. Soft washing is an effective way to eliminate these things, letting your fence’s original beauty shine through.

Also, your fence will last longer if you take care of it regularly. This is significant since fences can be expensive to replace. Since the substances listed above can also cause structural damage if not addressed, fence washing improves the longevity of your fence and saves you money.

Our team uses the latest tools, products, and techniques, including biodegradable cleaning solutions. Additionally, the results of our fence washing services last longer compared to other cleaning services, so you can enjoy the outcome longer.

Soft washing is the answer when you need fence washing. Contact our team today.

At ClearView Window Cleaning and SoftWash, we offer fence washing services in Topeka, Lawrence, Wamego, Saint Marys, Auburn, Carbondale, Holton, Lyndon, Osage City, Oskaloosa, Overbrook, Rossville, Silver Lake, and Valley Falls, Kansas.